Once you've purchased the labels required for your shipments through the Sorted app, you'll be prompted to 'Schedule collection'.

You'll be able to schedule a collection for single order, or for multiple orders at the same time - and you'll be given options to select from the available dates and times.

To schedule a collection for a single order you will find a schedule collection button against the order row in the 'Collection' column in the order table on Created Labels screen:

Alternatively, it's also possible to schedule a collection for multiple orders by selecting the orders in question using the checkboxes in the first column of the order table. After selecting the orders, this will activate the 'schedule collection' button at the top of the order table:

Both of these options will present you with a separate 'Schedule collection' button, which will allow you to select your required date and time slots for collection.

Please note that a collection will need to be booked for each different carrier providing the delivery service.

Once a collection date and time has been selected - you will be required to select at least one date and time when presented with multiple carriers - you can 'Schedule collection':

When a collection has been successfully scheduled, the collection details will be available against the order rows in the 'Collection' column of the order table in the 'Created Labels' screen:

These details will also be available in the 'Collections' tab of the app, where collections will appear in reverse chronological order according to collection date:

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