To ensure optimum use of the app, there are some settings that we recommend configuring within your Shopify store.

The link to the Shopify settings can be found in the bottom right-hand side of your Shopify screen:

This will open settings, with multiple categories:

Checkout and accounts

The app will be validating the destination address and contact details provided for each of the orders, and will expect that certain contact details are made available before a shipping label can be purchased. Until these contact details have been appended to the order metadata, you will not be able to ship this through the app.

The 'Checkout and accounts' area in Shopify include settings that determine what order data should be collected from your customers at the point they checkout in your store.

In these settings, there are therefore two recommended configurations:

Customer contact method:

It is recommended that you set this to 'Email':

Customer information:

It is recommended that you set the shipping address phone number to 'Required':

When these settings are in place, both an email address and telephone number is required at checkout.

However, if these settings are not in place and the email address and phone number for the customer’s order has not been provided, then this order will be listed in the shipping app as one that 'cannot be shipped'. When hovering over the error, this will be highlighted (alongside an instruction to provide these details from within your Shopify store):

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